Trading & Distribution Offerings:

  • Fertilizer-Urea and Non-Urea
  • Wheat, Maize and other cereals
  • Raw Materials for animal feed
  • Capital Machinery & Environmental Equipments
  • Regulating & Metering component
  • Corrosion protection Machineries
  • All Chemicals
  • Bulbs, pumps, separators etc.

Friends Traders


Friends Traders a sole proprietorship company starts its journey since 1986. It enjoys independent corporate capacity and specializes in Import & Export Business and agent of various commodities and technology. Besides global sourcing, procurement of raw materials, equipments and spare parts from abroad for Oil & Gas, Power, Energy & Petrochemical sector, its business includes specialized engineering consultants, river & channel dredging, roads & railway construction, sales of imported products, mechanical & electrical equipments and other various materials and provide complete solution for turn key projects.

Our Services & Activities

  • Engineering Construction
  • Project Management
  • Import of bulk commodities
  • Dredging
  • Road & Railway Construction


  • Ready Made Garments
  • Handicrafts
  • Lather Products

hrefAG Limited


AG Limited is one of the leading players in Bangladesh, dedicating to National and International trade business offerings services, trading sourcing and distribution, having presences in several countries.

AG Limited trades:

  • Wheat, Maize and other cereals.
  • Fertilizers-Urea and Non Urea
  • MBM
  • Soya bean Meal

AG Hi-Tech Limited


AG Hi-Tech Limited is the distributor of ProMinent Fluid Controls (Thailand) Ltd.Co. in Bangladesh. ProMinent Fluid Controls (Thailand) is the subsidiary company from the ProMinent Dosiertechnik GmbH Germany. ProMinent is worldwide (Europe, Middle East, Africa, Americas, Asia Pacific), they have 59 Subsidiaries and 116 Agency to ensure global presence and services towards the valued customers.

AG Hi-Tech Limited has a long experience in handling sales and service of handling ProMinent’s products in Bangladesh. The ProMinent products are reliable solutions partner for water treatment and a manufacturer of components and systems for chemical fluid handling. Based on ProMinent’s innovative products, services and industry-specific solutions, we would be able to provide you customized solutions for your requirements of Chemical Feed, Water Treatment Solution and Waste Water Treatment Solution.

We have a strong commitment to provide the best services to meet your satisfaction and requirements being always on hand to help you tackle all of your problems so that your business will go ahead smoothly and successfully.

Expert in Chem Feed and Water Treatment System

  • Chemical Dosing/Metering Pump
  • Water Treatment Plant (Drinking & Industrial)
  • Ozone Generator
  • Waste Water (ETP) Treatment Plant
  • Chloride di Oxide Generator
  • Boiler Feed & Cooling Water Treatment
  • Reverse Osmosis (RO) System
  • Swimming Pool Water Treatment
  • Ultra Violate (UV) System
  • Textile & other Industrial QC/QA Solution

RNS Corporation


RNS Corporation Enjoys Independent Corporate Capacity And Specializes In Import & Export Business And Agent Of Various Commodities And Technology. Besides Global Souring, Procurement Of Raw Materials, Equipments And Spare Parts From Abroad For Oil & Gas, Power, Energy & Petrochemical Sector, Its Business Includes Specialized Engineering Consultants, River & Channel Dredging, Roads & Railway Construction, Processing Raw Materials On Client’s Demand, Sales Of Imported Products, Mechanical & Electrical Equipments And Other Various Materials And Provide Complete Solution For Turn Key Projects.

Our Services & Activities

  • Engineering Construction
  • Project Management
  • Export & Import
  • Dredging
  • Road & Railway Construction