AG Agro Industries Ltd


Poultry Industry plays very crucial role in the economic development of Bangladesh. There is no alternative of quality layer, broiler chicks and balanced feed in poultry industry. In order to be commercially successful, strong healthy chicks, farm management and balanced feed management are essential. Thus quality chicks and balanced feed is indispensible. The primary focus of AG Agro Industries Ltd is on the production of quality chicks (layer & Broiler) and balanced feed. AG Agro industry Ltd has come in the market to reach the above objective-under the brand name of “A1 Chicks and Feed” in the year 2010.
Varieties of A1 Feed:

A-1 Poultry Feed:

  • Broiler Starter
  • Broiler Grower
  • Broiler Finisher
  • Sonali Starter
  • Sonali Grower
  • Layer Starter
  • Layer Grower
  • Layer Layer -1
  • Layer Layer-2

A-1 Cattle Feed:

  • Beef Fattening Feed
  • Dairy Feed

A-1 Fish Feed:

  • Koi Nursery
  • Koi Starter
  • Koi Grower
  • Telapia Nursery -1
  • Telapia Nursery -2
  • Telapia Grower
  • Pangas Nursery -1
  • Pangas Nursery -2
  • Pangas Starter
  • Pangas Grower
  • Pangas Finisher
  • Curf Starter
  • Curf Grower